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Born and raised in Los Angeles County, Gloria Crane developed an enthusiasm for all sorts of art mediums at a very early age. As a child her favorite Christmas presents were a brand new box of crayons, coloring books and drawing paper.

Having raised her son and daughter, along with her husband of 50 years, and after working full time in the telecommunications field for 26 years, she was able to take early retirement in 2001. One morning, while watching a cable television craft show, Gloria saw a gourd artist demonstrating her craft and knew instantly that she had to find out more about this natural and versatile canvas.  That thirty-minute program led her to the Internet to research this new thing called gourd art.  Before she knew it she was buying advance tickets to the California Gourd Society Gourd Festival at Welburn’s Farm in Fallbrook, CA.   She took her first lesson in February 2004 and was captivated.

Gourds offer the opportunity for Gloria to carve, wood burn, weave, apply inlay as well as use paints, stains, and inks, (often on the same piece) in the creation of her original and stunning gourd art.   Gloria's love and appreciation of nature and wildlife is clearly apparent in her work. She often times starts a piece with an idea that has come in still, quiet moments when she is able to reflect, but says she also keeps a sketchpad and pencil next to her bed for when a design  idea comes to her in the middle of the night.

When she’s not working in her studio Gloria enjoys traveling with her husband and loves spending time with her nine grand children.

About the Artist