Introduction to  Gourds
Learn the basics of gourd art, including safety,
how to clean and cut a gourd, pattern transfer techniques, the use of paints, dyes and inks and how to wood burn a design.  
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This page includes some of the classes available.  
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Student Comments
"I had a great experience at your class.......thanks for the great class and all the information."
Jan Jarka - Pollock Pines, CA

"Thanks for the helpful information.  The class was great, too.  I'm looking forward to making my gourds so beautifully smooth and colorful."  Rose Owens - Dublin, CA

Visit the Students WorK page to view some of my students completed work.
"If you ask me, I think all your classes are really great!  You give a lot of information above and beyond the basics that I've been able to use for other projects...a sign of a good teacher!  Not that I've done a lot of good stuff, but one day I might and I have my notes from your classes to go back to--and yes I do go back to the notes!  You  show and offer different ways of achieving the same end result which a person can incorporate into their own learning style which is very important.  So if you ask me...people are getting good quality teaching no matter what class they take!  Besides that they are just damn fun!!!"
Judy Einboden - Phelan, CA

Class Fee's and Cancellations 

To guarantee your space, Class fee's must be paid at least two weeks prior to class date. If not received you forfeit your space and it will be given to someone else.  Spaces are NOT confirmed until payment is received. 

Any class not meeting the minimum class enrollment within one week prior to class date may be canceled.  If a class is canceled due to low enrollment or for any other reason, a full refund will be issued .

If you cancel your class 14 days or more before the start date, a full refund will be issued.

Students canceling 7-13 days before the start date will receive 1/2 cash refund.  If I am able to fill your space with another student, you will receive a full refund. 

There will be NO refunds on classes that you cancel within 6 days of the start date.  

Gourd Purse
This is a two day work shop
"...thanks so much for a great class in Fallbrook.  Ya know - there are a lot of teachers out there - and some people are Extremely good in their craft - and then there are just people like yourself that make a class so enjoyable - and you are a great teacher.  You also made yourself Available to all of us for our different questions and little problems we may be having.  And I know you worked on that tutorial - as you told us you had - and it REALLY showed.  I'm telling you - I'm a decorative artist so I go to their conventions as well - and I haven't had anyone give me that well written of a tutorial in some time.   You deserve a pat on the back and I just thought someone should tell you...... Your's was certainly the best one I received at Fallbrook.... Thanks again"
Jo Merrymon - Arizona
Faux Raku Oil Lamp
Carved Oil Lamp  
w/distressed metal leafing
Paradise Lidded Bowl
Carved Gecko
Also availabe on DVD
Filigree Sealife

Leather Tooled w/Turquoise Inlay

Filigree Butterflies
Ocean Drum
Southwest Pot w/Turquoise Inlay
Carving with Dimension
Basic Power Carving
Polished Gourd w/Carved Neck
Tooled Leather Oil Lamp
Creating Texture

Multi-Colored Dream Catcher

Patina Dragonfly
Working with Inlace
Elegant Music Box 
w/ Distressed Metal Leaf
Carved Basketry
Carved Grape Bowl
Joyful Song Spirit Doll
Wuertz Gourd Festival, Casa Grande, AZ
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Beaded Quail