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Student Page
'Thanks for the follow-up and for the great class and experience"......."Thanks again for all your help and knowledge!"
                                     Jonna Anderson

….I thoroughly enjoyed the class and your teaching style/personality   
                                 Peggy Chaplin 
Congratulations to Bev Blake.  She took my 'Polished Gourd w/Twined Rim' class and was awarded a blue ribbon at Harvest Festival at the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley.
Kay VanHoesen did a great job in the "Peacock on Manzanita" class.
Leslie Hassett took the 'Carved Gecko' online class and created this beauty.
I get to meet the most amazing people teaching classes.  Here are a "few" 
of my students and some of the work they've done.  I'm very pleased to say that several of the ladies on this page have gone on to win ribbons.
Thank you to all of you who attend my classes, you make me smile.
After taking both the 'Carved Gecko' and 'Lidded Oak Leaf Bowl' online classes 
Irene Gonzalez created these stunning pieces. 
Gail Golden, aka 'Vanna', and my 'sister-friend'
Darlene Propp is looking pretty happy
Looks like Susan Sullivan may be giving 
Darlene Propp some tips.
It's always nice to have good friends attend my classes, and sometimes challenging too. Thank you Sandy Williams (top) and Tina Stiles, (right) you behaved yourselves pretty well that day.
A fun day in Palm Desert teaching a great bunch of ladies my Sand Painting technique.
A few of the ladies in two of my first classes back in 2007 at Zittles Gourd Farm.  Boy have I learned a lot since then!

Begnning Gourd Classes - They didn't realize that, not only was it their first gourd class, it was my first time teaching.  I didn't let that cat out of the bag until much later on.  
Another one of my good friends, 
Gail Bishop.  This was her first gourd.  
Yes, I'm responsible for her addiction.
Tina showing off the beautiful gourd purse she just made.  And, look,  there's my husband in the background!
Another one of my dear friends, Pat Newquist.