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The following DVD classes are available only at the 
Welburn Gourd Farm

How to Make a Butterfly Votive 
& Oil Lamp
This 2 DVD set is packed 
full of information!
The Original Gourd Compass
Made in the USA

Some DVD's were recorded live before on-line students 
Available only at  www.welburngourdfarm.com
Are you tired of stacking books to mark a level line on your gourd?  This hand made in the USA gourd compass will help you 
Get a Level Line Everytime!

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Two Sizes!

16" - $18.00 
Now back in stock!

12" - $14.00

Please email your order and include the size, (12" or 16"), 
your name, address and zip code.  
A PayPal invoice will be 
emailed to you